6 Types of Small Kitchen Islands & Carts on Wheels

Discover 6 types of small kitchen islands on wheels. Yes, there are many different styles offering various features and functionality. Learn it all here.

A few years ago, my wife and I were looking for a new place.  For months, nothing came up that was worth looking.  Then, one day, a beautiful two-story home with a custom wood design was listed.  Better yet, it was in our price range.

We immediately arranged to look at it.

I’ll never forget the first time I entered the main living space.  It was big, open, has a vaulted ceiling and a kitchen island to die for.  In fact, 90% of the working counter space is the island.  We took place immediately and love it to this day.

However, we’ve lived in places with kitchens with no island.  Our solution in those kitchens was to buy a small kitchen island on wheels.  It proved enormously useful in every kitchen… and we continue to use it to this day even though we have a large kitchen island.  Now it’s used as a dining area side table, which is another terrific use for small, portable kitchen islands.

If you don’t have an island and haven’t invested

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5 Different Types of Grandfather Clocks

Learn all about the different types of grandfather clocks and discover the interesting history as well as the cultural significance of these iconic longcase clocks.

Ever wondered why grandfather clocks are called by this particular name; or perhaps, how they acquired this unique name? When was the last time you actually saw a grandfather clock in someone’s house?

Given their incredibly long cases, echoing bells, swinging pendulums, and the prominent Roman numerals, one might assume that they belong to the world of ‘grandparents,’ as the name implies. However, that is not really the case. The exclusive name of these longcase clocks actually has nothing to do with grandparents. In fact, it has quite a rich, fascinating history behind its name and significance.

So how exactly did grandfather clocks they end up with this name?

Types of Grandfather Clocks

Nothing says history, elegance, creativity, and charm like a tall, slender grandfather clock does. Standing at almost 6-8 feet tall with a strong body that supports the weight-driven swinging pendulums, these clocks are, indeed, quite a masterpiece.

Take a look at some of the most popular types of grandfather clocks from ancient times that are considered to be real, priceless gems in

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4 Types of Outdoor Patio, Deck and Garden Furniture (Photos)

Here’s your ultimate outdoor patio, deck and garden furniture where we classify all your backyard furniture options by material and type (i.e. chairs, tables, seating, etc.). This is the starting point when buying furniture for your yard – whether patio, deck, gazebo or garden.

Your backyard, whether patio, deck or garden is a place where you can sit and relax. It is a place where you can enjoy some leisure time with Mother Nature.

Are you planning to furnish your garden, patio, deck, gazebo or some other location in your yard? You should look at the types of garden furniture below to help you decide what type of furniture you should get and what things you should be mindful of when buying. Furniture for a garden is a major investment and it shouldn’t be made without putting in any thought. Sit back, relax, and read along.

There are many types of outdoor furniture options, depending upon the material and type. You can choose what you like and what you think would look best in your garden.

Types of Garden Furniture Based On Material

You wouldn’t want to spend the time you could spend enjoying in cleaning or painting your garden

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How to Choose the Right Bedroom Furniture?

For a beautiful bedroom, a good looking and striking series of bedroom furniture is a perfect complement. To your bedroom, fine-looking furniture adds an attractive and stylish look. People with discriminating taste used to tailor-made their bedroom with a nice bed, cupboards, seats and other fixtures that lend an innate and stylish ambiance.

When buying pieces of furniture such as walk-in wardrobes, it is best to make sure that the new furniture pieces will blend well with the current theme of the room. When you prefer an antique theme and do not want to compromise on quality, you must be ready to spend a fair amount of money.

Every house has that very important and critical furniture that should be bought under all circumstances. So, there are several pieces of furniture that are compulsory for all the rooms, like the bedroom. Here are the three most important pieces of furniture that one requires in the bedroom.


The wardrobe is quite important when it comes to furnishing the bedroom. A good wardrobe can not only be used to store clothes but with the right security, one can also use the bedroom wardrobe to store valuables of the house too.

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