4 Different Types of Tithonia flowers

Learn all about the Tithonia plant, also known as the Golden Flower of the Incas, by taking a closer look at the different types of Tithonia flowers, their special characteristics, ideal growing conditions.The Tithonia plant is more commonly known as the Mexican Sunflower. Other common names include tree marigold, Japanese sunflower, Nitobe chrysanthemum or Bolivian sunflower. Native to Mexico and Central America, this annual plant belongs to the Asteraceae family. Being a member of the daisy family, this plant is also related to the sunflower. Locals are often known to refer to the Tithonia plant as the “Golden Flower of the Incas,” owing to the fact that this plant has large flowers that are showy and daisy-like. The plant was named in 1799 by a French botanist, and the name is inspired by Greek mythology. There are two main species of the Tithonia plant. These are Tithonia rotundifolia and Tithonia diversifolia.

Features of the Tithonia Plant

This plant is characterized by bright, orange-red colored flowers. Sometimes, these flowers can also have a yellow tinge to them. They appear from midsummer to frost and are borne on stems that aren’t very strong. Hence, they can easily be broken by

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9 Tips to Decorate your Garden in Cost Effective Way

You know we adore unique and love playful garden decorations are a developing tendency for spaces. Beautifying front yard garden or your garden is akin to embellishing with jewellery. Impartial like jewellery, you might create a garden with an excellent deal of imagination and a bit of work. Think the walls are currently keeping by tepid to warm water, should set the flowerpot in the garden paths.

Find the completely Do It Yourself work-pieces for ridding your garden that we have given below. All these are awesome methods of garden décor, and that means you can spice up your garden with a few spectacular funs.

1. Shape up Your Garden First

Try to shape your garden always in a defined outline, something as an elliptical, either a ring or a square the yard. Make sure to control it, if you certainly will maintain which you need and reuse and to find which move. Sketch or draw what you have on the mind and get it done the first time correctly.

In re-creating it, dropping the garden you’ve spent. Use series cut and to indicate on the grass. It’s attractive, although it isn’t a job that could take some time. And

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Landscape Design and Construction – 7 Useful Tips

Everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing landscape but finds it quite difficult to transform a garden into a beautiful landscape design. Making some changes and adding a few elements gives your garden a new look. Sitting in a beautiful garden is relaxing and a positive way to utilize the area.

Only professionals know about landscape design, maintenance, and management. They follow a systematic approach for every landscape project starting from landscape construction, considering resources, budget, and schedule. Everyone wants a landscape that pleases bystanders and ups the appeal of the space.

Here are some of the latest Landscape design ideas for a Beautiful Landscape

Outdoor Seating Areas

Everyone loves soaking in the sun’s warmth or relax with a good book under the blue sky in the backyard. Adding a seating area or a dining table is a pleasant garden retreat for the small yards. The bigger outdoor spaces can have patio recliners for each family member under shade trees.

Keeping large and small outdoor living spaces near the kitchen makes it easy to set the dining table in the open. The commercial landscape designs have a plan and design for enhancing commercial landscape experience. Using modern and up-to-date technology plays

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Indoor Gardening – 6 Useful Tips to Grow Vegetables

Cold temperatures always seem to sneak up on me. It’s perhaps not until the first snowfall; I believe the growing season over. Up to then, I am cutting on hearty herbs and fall greens. Once the snow falls, I have reminded the garden covered with a heavy winter blanket, and that the bottom will suspend.

I’m the type of person who seems at a garden and sees lawn beds in place of turf. That makes winter a little harder for me, that is why I select to do indoor gardening. Don’t allow cold weather conditions or restricted space to suppress your green thumb.

I start to miss freshly harvested greens immediately. I have a good source of collapse greens such as kale, spinach, chard, lettuce, pak choi, as well as other greens to fulfill the icebox. As they prepare for winter some years, I lose to the hungry deer.

I began experimenting with increasing meals indoors since I can’t ship outside through the winter. I then progressed to salad greens and much more and started using herbs.

What Can You Produce in an Indoor Garden?

Through time, I have tried growing edibles inside in the winter, working with DIY grow-light

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Garden Mulch Supplies – 5 Things To Consider When Buying

We understand that with the kind of garden mulch varieties, choosing the right one is confusing. Most of the gardening experts will recommend using garden mulch to their existing and new plantings. Why So, how you determine which is the right garden mulch for your landscape project? 

When laying the foundation to grow the lawn or plants, there’s always a layer spread of garden mulch over the soil. Garden mulch is known for keeping the temperature steady within the soil.

It protects the roots from too hot temperatures and cold snaps. It keeps the soil moisture from evaporating keeping the right balance, providing all the nutrients to your plants.

The benefits of buying garden mulch go beyond the beautification of your garden. Different plants require different care and maintenance since some of them are seasonal. There are varied benefits that your garden gets when it has the right garden mulching.

Majority of the gardeners prefers buying organic garden mulch because it is packed with necessary nutrients and known for improving soil condition, enhances the oxygen and fertility levels. Read here for more details – www.groworganic.com/blogs/articles/mulch-beyond-the-basics

Faster and uninterrupted growth of the plants is possible due to the improved soil condition.

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4 Tips To Perfectly Choose A Landscape Designer

One needs to consider various things when choosing a landscape designer. Whether you are choosing a landscape design for your garden or to build a new house, the designer can bring a huge impact right from the process stage to the final result.

These designs are also beneficial when installing or upgrading elements in your outer space like entertainment area, swimming pool etc. Therefore, one needs to consider various factors to choose the right designer for your needs.

Things to consider when choosing a landscape designer

Landscape design is not something that we can do and therefore, it requires a professional hand to design the right outline for us. Knowing where to start is the biggest challenge. The design becomes clear to you when you choose a landscape company.

However, there are a few steps that you have to consider when choosing a design company. Proper research has to be done because this will result in better outcomes. Here is a guide that will help you to choose the right company for your outer space.

1. Know what you want:

Firstly, you need to know what exactly you want to do and what plans you have in your mind. Do

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