How to plant and grow strawberries correctly

We grow strawberries with our own hands – tips and tricks

Strawberries are considered the queen of the garden for a reason; proper care of strawberries is the key to a large harvest of this wonderful, tasty and healthy berry.

Growing strawberries and caring for them is not as simple as it might seem to novice summer residents and gardeners.

Even experienced gardeners are more than eager to please strawberries! And the site for it is chosen the sunniest, and the most fertile land is allocated, and irrigation is provided on time.

And strawberries, despite all the worries and care, no, no, and they are capricious! But you want not one or two berries, but a good rich harvest. 

You can choose any soil for growing strawberries. Of course, there is still a definite connection between soil quality and yield.

The best harvest will, of course, be on podzolized chernozem soils and on dark gray forest soil of medium and light composition. Light gray, soddy soils will yield lower yields.

The presence of groundwater is also important, but they should not be too close to the surface.

The most suitable slopes for planting strawberries are in the south-west of the

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Give A Structured And Elegant Look To Your Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinet

If you love to cook at your home, then you would like to have things organized in your kitchen.

This not only helps to get things quickly, but it also shows the overall style of the person who runs the kitchen.

The best way to organize things in the kitchen is to use custom kitchen cabinets.

Custom kitchen cabinets will help you to store food items, kitchen equipment, cutlery and other kitchen accessories. 

Modern custom kitchen cabinets have integration of all kitchen appliances like refrigerator, chimney, microwave, dishwasher oven etc.

There are multiple materials used for custom kitchen cabinets, and all of them have their pros and cons.


If you are looking for classic and earthen appeal, then wood is a good option for custom kitchen cabinet making.

It not only looks elegant but at the same time, it’s a more organic choice. Multiple types of wood like teak, rosewood or hardwood can be chosen as per your choice, use and budget.

You can polish the end product by varnish or can paint it as per your color choice.

Wood will add texture and natural to your kitchen, but it comes with polishing needs, and by far

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Design Your Home With Planter Troughs Boxes

Planter troughs boxes planters are a great choice when you want to design and plan your garden.

You might want to create an array of beautiful colored flowers, spices and organic vegetables.

You can have this as part of your terrace or entrance of your house, which gives you a soothing impact on your senses.

What Do You Need To Know When Buying Planter Troughs Boxes?

Planter troughs boxes are a great, inexpensive alternative to other pots which you use on a regular basis. They are extremely durable, customizable, and easy to use. 

They give you an opportunity to experiment to try for multiple sizes and designs. You can get creative by incorporating different sizes and finishes.

You can also opt for painting these planters to suit the color scheme to suit your style.

They are normally made from glass fiber reinforced concrete. This is waterproof, frost-resistant, and can also withstand aggressive UV rays.

You can go for concrete planter trough boxes. These are durable and long-lasting, but at the same time they are very heavy, hence moving them around can be problematic.  Hence, you need to plan for usage. 

You should not miss checking the drainage of

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9 Great Ideas to Spruce Up Your Personal Garden

Everyone loves to have their own unique style inside their home. Did you also know you could create a signature personal garden as well? 

Whether you have a large yard or limited space, you can design a garden sanctuary that adds beauty and reflects your unique style. 

Use your imagination, and ours, to spruce things up outside and create a look you can enjoy for years to come. 

Keep reading for 9 great ideas to customize your garden. 

1.  Try New Plants

Maybe you have always planted the same plants in the same colors year after year. Roses, daisies, and lilies may be beautiful, but it’s time to try something new. 

While you may worry that venturing outside your flower comfort zone will be expensive and hard work, that isn’t necessarily true. 

There are many rare and unusual flowers and plants that you too can grow. You can make small steps and add in a few until you achieve the right balance. 

2. Create a Border

If you want a flower bed that stands out from the rest of the yard or garden, create an interesting border. 

Rocks are a great choice and can be bought or you can use

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The Complete Kitchen Renovation Timeline

A kitchen renovation might seem like a daunting job. The combination of juggling various projects and long time estimates make the renovation process feel like an uphill battle.

But preparing in advance can make the process much smoother.

So how long does it take to renovate a kitchen? The answer may be more appealing than you thought.

Checkout out this guide for kitchen renovation and how to create a timeline that works for your project.

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Kitchen?

Before the blueprints are drawn, and the materials picked, most people want to know how long does a kitchen renovation take?

Besides the budget, the competition time is the most commonly asked question.

Most people fear starting a renovation and never finishing it. Others fear opening a can of worms that adds projects to the timeline, making the result seem impossible to reach.

When it comes to kitchen renovation timeframes, there’s no one answer.

The length of the project depends mostly on the scope of the renovation.

If you hire a professional contracting company to take care of your renovation, they will usually have a consultation to discuss your design. This process can take about 2-4

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Factors to Consider When Reupholstering Your Furniture

Sydney is a coastal metropolis located on the eastern coast of Australia.

Belonging to the state of New South Wales, Sydney’s five million residents make it the most populous city of the state and the entire country.

Sydney is also famous for its iconic landmark, the Sydney Opera House

Residents of Sydney are also blessed with all-year-round sunny weather with little to no rainfall during the entire year.

However, there are times when tropical cyclones visit Sydney. Nevertheless, Sydney residents have designed their homes and living areas according to the great sunny weather of the city. 

If you feel that the living areas of your home are outdated already, one way to significantly change the look of your space is by buying new furniture.

However, if you are with a limited budget, you can still change your furniture by applying a new finish to them or having them reupholstered.

A change in upholstery may be what you are looking for. Fortunately, there are a lot of experts providing furniture repairs in Sydney who may help you with all your reupholstery needs. 

How to Select the Right Upholstery for Your Furniture 

Upholstery is a collective term used to describe the

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