How to plant and grow strawberries correctly

We grow strawberries with our own hands – tips and tricks

Strawberries are considered the queen of the garden for a reason; proper care of strawberries is the key to a large harvest of this wonderful, tasty and healthy berry.

Growing strawberries and caring for them is not as simple as it might seem to novice summer residents and gardeners.

Even experienced gardeners are more than eager to please strawberries! And the site for it is chosen the sunniest, and the most fertile land is allocated, and irrigation is provided on time.

And strawberries, despite all the worries and care, no, no, and they are capricious! But you want not one or two berries, but a good rich harvest. 

You can choose any soil for growing strawberries. Of course, there is still a definite connection between soil quality and yield.

The best harvest will, of course, be on podzolized chernozem soils and on dark gray forest soil of medium and light composition. Light gray, soddy soils will yield lower yields.

The presence of groundwater is also important, but they should not be too close to the surface.

The most suitable slopes for planting strawberries are in the south-west of the

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