How To Set Up An Entertainment Room In A Small Space

One great addition to any home is to have a media room or an entertainment area to accommodate friends, family, and guests. It enables everyone in the household to spend some time together while watching movies, playing games, or simply sharing some fun time indoors. Many families prefer to set up an indoor entertainment room for such reasons, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

However, some small houses think twice about setting up a home theater, thinking that it may not be possible due to the limited space of their homes. The truth is even if you have limited space, you can still explore and discover a lot of media room design ideas that allow you to maximize any space you’ve got. The key is proper planning and investing in the right components, furniture, and design.

To get you started with your small-sized media room, here are some tips that can help you.

1. Maximize Your Furniture Uses 

Having a small space for your media room means you must focus on what furniture to get. As you place furniture, ensure that there will be enough room for you and your family to move or walk around. Depending on what kind of

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Hall of Fame Foundation opens nominations for Paul Broyhill Future Leaders Award

HIGH POINT — The American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame Foundation is seeking nominations for the Paul Broyhill Future Leaders Award, which will be presented during the April High Point Market.

The Paul Broyhill Future Leaders Award, named after one of the industry’s leading families and a company that focused on executive training, is given annually to five emerging leaders.

Each candidate must be under 40 years of age and will be selected based on a points-based evaluation of the candidate’s leadership, potential for personal growth, communications skills and their commitment to the industry.

“The future of the home furnishings industry sits on the shoulders of these bright young leaders and will be determined largely by their goals, creativity and determination,” said Caroline Hipple, president of the Foundation board of directors and president of Norwalk Furniture.  “These interactions set the stage for future conversations and relationships, which in turn benefit the industry for years to come.”

Paul Broyhill Future Leaders will gather with inducted members of the Hall of Fame during an intimate evening designed to bring together the today’s young leaders with the experience and wisdom of inducted members of the Hall of Fame.

A reception and dinner are

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