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A Quick Overlook of – Your Cheatsheet

Reasons Why Alcohol And Drug Evaluations Are Done In Organizations

Drug and alcohol evaluation is done to determine whether the employees of that organization are sober when they work. The rate at which substance abuse is increasing in different countries is wanting. Many people who are involved in this are people working in different organizations. Some organizations have been established to carry out these evaluations in different organizations. When the management of an organization sees the need to have the evaluation done, they employ an organization that does that so that they can carry out the evaluation. Some organization tries evaluating by themselves but they do not obtain the result that they need because they do not have the required training.

Before one hires an organization to do the evaluation, there are considerations that they make and some of them include the reputation of the organization, the charges and the professionalism of its employees. The reputation of an organization that does alcohol and drug evaluation matters a lot because it will help the management to know if they can trust them. The management should be assured that they will get the right results from them after the evaluation. The amount of money charged matters, it should be affordable because this will encourage the organization to do the evaluations more often. The professionalism of the employee’s matters because it shows that the organization knows what it is doing.

When such evaluations happen in an organization, some employees refuse to take the test. In such a situation the organization insists that they should take the test and if they refuse some organizations lay them off. There are reasons as to why this evaluation sare done and some are explained below.

To find out why the performance of an organization has gone down. There are instances where the performance of an organization goes down and the management does not understand. Sometimes such instances come as a result of people coming to work when they are not sober hence can not function well. This reduces the productivity of the organization which affects its performance. When the evaluation team comes in, they can identify the individuals responsible for that and this serves as a warning to them and if they persist, they are fired. When employees know that management is serious about that they will come to work sober. Some people drink a lot after work and the next day they get to work with a lot of hangovers and this affects their functionality. When such evaluations are done, they stop that habit because they want to keep their job and the only way to do that is by performing.

Caring about the health of the employees. Some people drink excessively to a point where it becomes harmful to their bodies. When management discovers this, they evaluate so that they can find the employees that need help and help them to get it. This shows that the management cares about the health of their employees and they are ready to help them.

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