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Introduction To Hormone Pellet Therapy – Know About It Here

We are sure that many of you here have already encountered or heard about hormone pellet therapy and surely, you know that this particular type of therapy is capable of restoring the healthy hormone levels of men and women, making them feel vibrant, sexy, and also, healthy once more. Technically speaking, when we say hormone pellet therapy, this is a unique hormone replacement method that delivers customized amount of biologically identical hormones based on the body chemistry of a person. Biologically identical hormones are compounds that are plant-based and they are formulated specifically to match the molecular structure of human hormones. The difference between synthetic hormones and hormone pellet therapy lies on the fact that the former are engineered to a single formulation to be patented, while the latter is precisely customized to being back balance and well-being to a person. The following are the benefits you can get from hormone pellet therapy: increased mental concentration and clarity; increased sexual desires and enhanced libido; increased sense of overall well-being; greater capacity to get in shape and decreased body fat; stabilized and improved mood; increase energy levels and reduced fatigue, and; improved memory.

If you are not aware of it yet, then we want you to know that hormone pellet therapy is offered as part of the health optimization program. What usually happens during a health optimization consultation is that the medical representative will not only discuss about the symptoms of the disease, but also, he will review the results of the lab test and make appropriate recommendations for optimizing a person’s health. If it happens that the result of your consultation suggests that hormone therapy is great for you, you can choose to start your hormone pellet therapy after your consultation.

Hormone pellet therapy, as what its name implies, is a procedure that makes use of tiny pellets, specially formulated for a person, that is slipped under the skin, mostly in the hip area. In this very short five minute procedure, a mild local anesthesia is used. Right after the insertion of the pellets, stead and low dose of natural hormones will flow directly into the bloodstream since the body needs it. Hormone pellets are said to last for three to six months, however, there are instances that it can last even longer.

For those of you out there who are considering the idea of undergoing hormone pellet therapy, we suggest that you first seek advice from your physician or your family doctor so that you will know if it is possible for you to have it or not. This procedure is safe and effective, but even so, nothing beats a person who is prepared and ready all the time.

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